It is very likely you can be, evidence shows, the longer you have had a pain, the more likely it is to remove or reduce it for good! let me explain further:

  •  Pain is appropriate for the injury level and type at the time of injury!
  • Once or shortly after the injury is dealt with, the pain should naturally go away!
  • Often this does not, as memory tends to hold onto what over a period has become the new normal statte!
  • Carrying these memories is where OldPain2Go excels….

Pain, is not what it seems, it manifests at the place of the injury, it has to be that way to draw our attention to where it needs to be, to seek a solution in order to fix whatever is cut or broken immediately.

from this point on our other sense kick in to assess and evaluate the issue at hand, such as:

  • VISUALLY; we look at it forming a picture image of what it looked like and this can in some cases be horrifying or triggering. (Imagery)
  • TOUCH; we touch the injury in order to feel where pain begins and ends nearing it and also to test if touch is greater or lesser to our experience, this forms a feel, perception, picture (Kinaesthetic)

The picture formed can remain in memory for a long period after the injury is long healed and past.


Pain itself, is the bodies way of informing us something is wrong, it is a complex mix of all the senses, this re-enforces the memories we have of it, as they all try to help the self recover process and repair from an injury and old pain, what we do know about pain is, at some point, it should stop, post repair and recovery, this is where we get into where we can help using proven techniques and methods to remove or relieve the old pain


Even with DG conditions, the pain we are noting is unnecessary and unhelpful to our situation as it will mask the new pains being received by using old pain memories making it difficult to remedy any new injury or affected area (basically) we feel the old pain and assume it is just my old injury, instead of investigating correctly and giving attention to new information and resolve it, exacerbating injuries.


Over time pain killers become less effective, in actual fact, pain is an important function or the body and we need to feel pain, however prolonged use of pain killing drugs causes a tig of war between the suppression material (pain killer) and the pain itself, so the pain, intensifies as it is still looking for a solution, this also coupled with the ill effects of long term drug usage and side effects can cause even more issues related or unrelated to the original injury.

Drugs are designed to mask pain not remove it, this is often done by rerouting or distracting the signals by giving contradictory messages to block or simply interfere with any pain signal that is trying to get the message through. the solution used in Old pain to go technique is to ask the operator to stop or turn off  the signal from source.

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Pain truly is not forever


Old pain 2 go – works by dealing with and undertaking agreements with the sub conscious mind, which automatically controls all body functions and systems, and quite simply ask, that unless there is a specific reason to keep the pain to erase the old pain message. once, working with the sub conscious, we have given it enough to persuade it to remove the old pain message, it does so, in an instant (this can take up to a few minutes to allow full effect) however noticeable change will be felt immediately.

This is not a hypnotic trance technique for those who have an angst or worry about hypnosis for whatever reason can also benefit from it – so, if you are a long term pain sufferer from a healed injury or process, contact me directly from this site, i look forward to working with you.


Over time, we understand better who would not make a good candidate for the OldPain2Go system.

Quite frankly, that is anyone who has more reasons to keep the pain than to drop it. We cannot help the people who love to moan that no one can help them (victim mentality)! Or those that have had a life being a “Misery Guts” because they just won’t allow the healing to take place.

here is a quick video of the process from the creator himself.

Coming soon, more information to guide you to a better you